Pottering plot plumed with panache

Heart AttackTelugu (A)¬¬¬

Cast: Nithin, Adah Sharma, Brahmananda, Ali, Ajay, Prakash Raj 

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Don’t worry. Be happy. This Heart Attack won’t be the end of the world for you. Instead, if you relish and revel in Puri Jagannadh brand of ensemble entertainment, it would do good to indulge in this Heart Attack with its action surcharged romantic saga it lights up the screen with. Marked with style, but woefully lacking in substance, Heart Attack assails your EQ senses every which way and how you singularly savour its fanciful do is your go. 

At the Heart of this Attack is Varun, a footloose, fancy-free beau bitten by the travel bug. An itinerant travel hippie, as this globe trotter touts himself, for him commitment is a burdensome baggage he would strictly do without. But demanding peck on lips from beauties he accosts is his way of worming into their hearts. His sojourn in Spain sees his roving eyes spot hip and hep Hyati. Sure enough, a jig-and-jive number energetically crooned, our beau beseeches the dainty damsel for a kiss, who, haughtily returns his request with a resounding slap. Does this bummer bring sense into our beau. No. He stalks Hyati for that “one kiss to burn 3,000 calories,” who, incidentally is in Spain to help her pal in her amorous affair. Well, the maiden melts as persistence pays off, but sets a slew of conditions before flying back to India.

He, on the other hand, leaves for Romania. Well, distance makes hearts grow fonder. How does Varun fulfil them? How does he realise his true love for her? Before you learn this, Puri Jagannadh lobs a surprising lolly in the form of a drug cartel and Hyati being held hostage, setting the stage for our dashing hero to do the honours in typical filmi style. 

Nithin lives his role with full zest, dancing and prancing, and playing ball as Puri Jagannadh wants him, while sensuous Adah Sharma makes a stunning and delicious debut in Tollywood, oozing oodles of glamour. Teeming with trademark Puri Jagannadh dialogues and sequences, made breezy with Brahmanandam’s crony comedy, which evokes few guffaws, Heart Attack makes for mindless matinee worth the noon with Anup Rubens’ melodies making your feet go pitter patter, given that all songs are lavishly shot and sumptuously capturing the picturesque locales of Spain, Goa et al. Given that the first half is racy and fast-paced, one can pardon the pedestrian and puerile second half. Grace if you must, lest listen to iTunes and be happy from suffering any Heart Attack. 

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