Great presence of mind

Great presence of mind

The Improv’, an innovative comedy show organised by Centerstage at the Alliance Francaise, was a laugh riot. A group of seven comedians — Kenneth Sebastian, Sidhanth Sundar, Naveen Kumar, Danish Seth, Richa Kapoor, Sumukhi Suresh and Sal Yusuf — showcased their presence of mind, versatility and comic timing while the audience could be seen having a whale of a time.The show was hosted and directed by Saad Khan who did a brilliant job in getting the best out of the audience as well as the artistes.

The show was interactive and the comedians acted on instances and situations given by the audience. They brought out the lighter side of each situation given to them. The event was divided into five rounds and each round was different from the other. In the first round, the audience had to give interesting situations to the comedians and the latter had to make it funny. The moderator of the show chose the best situation given by the audience and called on the comedians to perform. 

The second round was difficult yet extremely entertaining. The audience offered some situations to the comedians and the comedians had to say the dialogues in the form of questions. Some of the situations suggested included a youth going to a government office to get some work done and Rahul Gandhi’s interview.

The third round tested the versatility of the comedians. They were given situations by the audience and while they were enacting them, they were asked to freeze. They were then given emotions like happiness, love, infatuation etc by the audience, which the comedians had to act out. The creative rounds and entertaining performances by the artistes made the show a great experience for the audience. 

The crowd appreciated the comedians as they added their bit to the show. “It was a great show and the line-up of artistes was amazing. What I liked about them was how they improvised on the spot and were able to use their presence of mind when they faltered. It was a huge stress buster. We gave them some very difficult and silly situations yet they performed so well,” said Bharghavi, a member of the audience. 

“This is the second time that I am attending this show and it has been very interesting. The concept of the show is great and we get to see some very talented people on the stage,” said Neeraj, a professional, who had come to watch the show.

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