Being responsible in love...

Being responsible in love...

Being responsible in love...

holding on Love is good as long as it lasts. getty imagesAnil, Student, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Relationship is a very personal thing and there is no point in generalising this aspect. I don't want to blame the young in this regard. A great deal of patience and mutual trust goes into maintaining a relationship. Relationships call for a certain amount of responsibility and commitment. It’s rare to get a perfect match. Giving one another space goes a long way in sustaining any relationship.

Rakem Patel, M Pharm student

Trust and commitment make a relationship near perfect. One must be responsible in love. Care and concern automatically come. But now the trend is that after a few months, boredom sets in and the relationship begins to head toward a break-up. Reposing faith and confidence in each other goes a long way in keeping a relationship happy. It pays to handle things with care right from the start rather than getting hurt in the end.

Sarvesh, Student, BMS College of Engineering

Most youngsters are becoming irresponsible in relationships. There’s very little thought and wisdom that goes into choosing one’s partner. Most youngsters rush into a relationship and regret later. Opportunists are aplenty and most people don’t believe in long lasting relationships. Men and women take full advantage of each other and then break up. Always make sure you stir your relationship on a healthy track.
Surekha Student, PESIT

College days are for moulding one’s career not scouting around for relationships. I am not against love but I oppose affairs that are a passing thing for the young. Having a boyfriend has become more trendy and fashionable these days. It’s a matter of great pride. The young must take time knowing the other person before plunging into any relationship. It’s safer not to thrust your views on your partner. It is always better not to get too close right at the start.

Zeeshan ,Student, BMS College of Engineering

Specific instances in relationships cannot be generalised. We should learn to handle relationships tactfully. Blind love and later indulging in blame games doesn’t pay. Make sure there’s some amount of seriousness in the relationship. Don’t get into anything that makes you regret later.

Spoorthi, Student, PES College

There is nothing wrong in getting into a relationship, but one should not cross one’s limits. Girls must be more careful in any relationship. Women are treated on a par with men and if things go wrong, it’s always the woman who is at the receiving end. Caution is key to keeping peace in any relationship.

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