Because there's no end to learning

Because there's no end to learning

Biochemical Constellation’, a science exhibition organised by the Oxford College of Science, was not only innovative but also informative.

The undergraduate students of the college took part in the exhibition and showcased the best projects.

“Each year, a new theme is set for the exhibition and we all work on different subjects. The subjects that we worked on this year were contribution of biochemists, physiology, industrial applications, food adulterants, clinical biochemistry, metabolic disorders etc. We chose to make models on some of these topics and charts and paper presentations on the others,” said Ashwini, a student.

Students used their practical as well as theoretical knowledge for the projects, which stood out and were based on different themes like ‘food and nutrition’ for second-semester students,  ‘environmental science’ for the fourth-semester students and ‘enzymes in recombinant DNA technology’ for the sixth-semester students.

The best exhibits in the three categories — best chart, model and working model — were selected through votes and students were awarded medals and certificates for their efforts.

The exhibition motivated the students to develop values like co-operative behaviour, leadership qualities, critical thinking, creativity and much more.

It was a brilliant show of creativity and hard work as students gave presentations as well as made models on subjects that one could easily relate to.

For instance, the presentation on the effects of junk food exhibited the harm that this kind of food can cause.

 Students also presented a model on the recycling of paper and showed thedifferent processes of recycling.Vermi-composting was another model that was exhibited.

Students put in a lot of effort to display these themes properly and made a special effort to know the subject better as they had to explain it to the visitors.

“The response that we received was great. The visitors took an interest in the models that we had displayed and asked us several questions on them. As we had prepared well in advance, answering their queries was not a problem at all. It was good to see so many of them coming for the exhibition. It was a learning experience for all of us,” said Anjali, a student.

The students stole the show with their energy, enthusiasm and urge to learn more.

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