Chinese might to the fore

Chinese might to the fore

India finish runners-up with 32 gold medals

China ended the Games with 47 gold, 18 silver and six bronze to top the medals table while India claimed the second place with 32 gold 38 silver and 40 bronze medals.

Only 14 of the 44 participating nations took part in the closing ceremony which was delayed by an hour. Many of the disabled athletes had to sit on the wooden floor of the indoor stadium due to shortage of chairs. “It would have been nice to have some more chairs here,” said Slovakians swimmers Linda and Dominica, echoing the sentiments of many other athletes.

“The hotel was good, the people were friendly and the place was really good. The transportation and overall conduct of the meet was terrible,” said Slovakian Assistant Chef de Mission Jan Ruml.

More drama unfolded with Germans almost walking off from the closing ceremony due to the delay.

“We are already tired and they are further delaying the closing ceremony. Many of our athletes are staying back in the hotel as they have a clear knowledge of the things done here after the opening ceremony,” said Uli Niepoth, German team’s physio.  Mid-way through the ceremony many of the German athletes left the venue.

Unperturbed,  the Brazilians danced away to the samba tunes. “Whereever we go we celebrate. We are doing it here also,” said Brazilian wheelchair rugby player Brian Muniz.
Later, Paralympic Committee of India President Rathan Singh handed over the IWAS Games flag to its Secretary General Maura Strange marking the official end of the games.
On the final day, India’s Prasanta Karmakar took home his fourth gold.  

He timed 1:03.76 to claim the men’s 100M freestyle S-9 title while his team-mate Sachin Verma bagged the silver in 1:07.07. Kanchan Chaudhari clocked 1:23.02 in the women’s 100 freestyle for S-10 class to pocket her third gold.

Swimming:  Men: 100M freestyle: S-4: Dharmendra Ahirwar (India) 4:53.50, 1.  S-5: Zul Amirul Sidi Abdull (Malaysia) 1:35.31, 1; Binod Kumar Singh (India) 2:37.32, 2. 
S-6: Yusup Dewa (Malaysia) 1:17.43, 1; Andreas Potamitis (Cyp) 1:22.16, 2; Taweesook S (Tha) 1:27.63, 3.
S-7: Huaqiang Yang (China) 1:10.02, 1; Somyot S (Thailand) 1:14.35, 2; Naveen Kumar (India) 1:25.43, 3.
S-8: Jiachao Wang (China) 1:00.99, 1; Sharath Gaekwad (India) 1:07.05, 2; Ernie A Gawilan (Phi) 1:13.33, 3.
S-9: Prasanta Karmakar (India) 1:03.76, 1; Sachin Verma (Ind) 1:07.07, 2; Chan Hai James (Singapore) 1:07.44, 2.
S-10: Sean Lyle Clark (South Africa) 59.91, 1; Fraidden Dawan (Malaysia) 1:05.68, 2; Razak Tambi (Mal) 1:08.99, 3. 
400M medley relay: China (4:58.38) 1; India (Raghavendra A, Sharath G, Chetan Giridhar R, Prasanta K) 5:14.01, 2; Malaysia (5:22.76) 3.
Women: 100M freestyle: S-5: Rui Si Theresa (Sin) 1:41.00, 1.
S-6: Patricia S (Slovakia) 2:14.17, 1.
S-7: Rajni Jha (India) 2:06.39, 1.
S-8: Zhonglan Chen (China) 1:15.86, 1; Dominika Veselenyiova (Slo) 1:33.98, 2; Jeerawan N (Tha) 1:37.78, 3. S-9: Zhenxing He (Chn) 1:08.85, 1; Yuqingyan Cai (Chn) 1:08.98, 2; Yanfen Bao (Chn) 1:09.63, 3. 

S-10: Kanchan Chaudhari (India) 1:23.02, 1; Jadranka Maric (Slovakia) 1:30.94, 2.