Army rattled by passing of sensitive info by ISI mole

Army rattled by passing of sensitive info by ISI mole

Passing of highly classified documents to an ISI handler by a mole within the Indian Army has rattled the defence establishment, as it struggles to contain the damage the leak could have done to Indian military activity. 

The Uttar Pradesh police had bust an intense espionage module following arrest of Subedar Inder Pal Singh Kushwaha from Jhansi district on February 23.  

Kushwaha, 51, has been Private Assistant to several Army Brigadiers and Generals until late last year, which gave him access to the sensitive documents. 

He was in touch with ‘Major Sikander’ of the ISI across the border, to whom he had passed on the information. 

Army top brass in Delhi is assessing the damage the leak could have done to the military strategic planning and to national security. 

During the anti-terrorism squad raid at Kushwaha’s house by UP police at P-174/3 Tagore Line, Carriappa Marg, Cantonment, Jhansi, on February 23, the sleuths seized CDs and documents with sensitive information dating back to 2005.

Kushwaha had sent details of ‘war plans’, documents downloaded and sourced from Army’s secure internal ‘infra-net’ network, minutes of commanders meeting, presentations to Major Generals including to 11 Gorkha regiment, ACRs of Colonel and Lt Colonels, deployment of Arjun tanks in various field formations along with names of officers and their contact numbers, senior officers promotion map, and other tactical moves. 

Major Sikander, the recipient of the information, has been codenamed Major Anil’ in Kushwaha’s diary and mobile phone.