Students develop smart traffic control system

Students develop smart traffic control system

Vels University students in Tamil Nadu have hit upon a brainwave to cut traffic congestion and improve passenger movement by coming out with a indigenously developed intelligent system that works without manual intervention.

The system called ‘VIT Subway Project’, developed with minimum cost by Vellore Institute of Technology, has a unique magnetic sensors, that  distinguishes between metal objects and human beings.

“This sensor can even differentiate the types of the vehicle passing on the road. 

The main objective for the development of this project is to ensure safety for the people, reduce traffic congestion and to control traffic automatically without manual intervention of the security guards.

 We have been using this system on campus since last October,” said Prof  Kathirvelan of the college.

According to him, the students decided to work on the new traffic management system after witnessing frequent trouble at a subway since it is just 3.4-metre wide and only one vehicle could pass through. Moreover, the subway has a blind curve making it difficult for traffic management. Presently, two security guards posted on both sides regulate traffic. But it has remained a tough task to streamline traffic at peak hours.

The professor told Deccan Herald that the system has boom barriers at both ends to prevent the people violating traffic rules.