Industrial expo attracts bizmen

Industrial expo attracts bizmen

Industrial expo attracts bizmen

Around 30 industrial machinery companies including Mile stone, Continental, Bosch, Electroheat, Nexgen, Dinesh, Vinpack and Spectrum have been taking part at the industrial expo at Hotel Woodlands in Mangalore.

Milestone Specialty Equipment Pvt Ltd has displayed a cashew cutting machine, a major component of cashew processing machinery package. The machine is capable of peeling the cashew shells and sorts the cashew nuts, according to the size. There are separate cutting machines for different quantity, said A Miranda from Milestone.

The stall put up by Bosch had the machinery used in construction and automobile industry. The company also machinery such as car washer, household tool kit, blower etc., meant for end users.

Continental, a German conglomerate had displayed power transmission belts and matched components used in iron and steel industries, agricultural machines, ceramic industries, compressors, door opening systems, sugar industries. Mini Con Air, air humidity booster for cashew conditioning was exhibited by Humidifiers and Atomizers, Coimbatore.

The CEO K Shiva said that the machine provides uniform moisture to cashews before peeling. The cool mist, emerging from the machine will maintain the hygienic condition and prevents the breaking of nuts in the peeling process, he said.

Oil-free compressors 

Dinesh Compressors and Power Engineering displayed a range of air-compressors designed for industrial applications. The unique product was the oil-free compressors.

These compressors are generally used in colour sorting, garment manufacturing, food sorting, premium spray painting pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufacturing and many other industries, said service Engineer Raghu. Apart from these, the oil-free compressors are used in the operation theaters in hospitals during pneumatic surgeries, he said. 

Spectrum S-4001 Camera Sorter was one among the special attractions at the expo. The machine has embedded high resolution line scan cameras. The cashew nuts will be scanned by the cameras and will be sorted according to their sizes.The exhibition organised by Tender Today Groups, in association with DSIA will conclude on March 4.