Energy field

Energy field

We have taken the invisible wavelengths around us for granted, when we tune into our gizmos, make or receive calls. When we fail, we attribute the same to the weakness of the said lines. 

Yet many of us are insensitive to the invisible energy field around us though we talk condescendingly about how our wavelengths do not match with some of the lesser mortals.

 The energy field around us could be a positive one or a negative one or simply could be a mixture of both! For those of you who are wondering what this energy field is all about, it will help you to know that it has something to do with how you feel, for most part of the day. 

Everything in this world is made up of energy including us. Energy is a volatile good conductor. In other words, people around you can experience your energy or vice versa. Our energy is nothing but an expression of our thoughts and beliefs with reference to our ethics and integrity registered in our subconscious mind. They are unwittingly displayed in our speech and actions.  

There once lived a king, who got along with everybody in his kingdom with the exception of a sandalwood merchant for no particular reason. One day, the sandalwood depot burnt down and the merchant changed his trade to textiles. Ever since, the king felt inexplicably warm towards the merchant.

 Long after a visiting monk explained the king’s thought process to him. Those days, the mortal remains of royalty were consigned to flames in a sandalwood pyre. 

Hence the sight of piled up logs in the merchants depot, triggered thoughts of impending death in the king’s mind, resulting in his apathy towards the merchant. However, his natural friendliness returned when the sandalwood burned down.

Such is the power of our thoughts. Now it is easy to see, how is it that sometimes you are getting exactly what you do not want or you are not getting what you want. 

A closer introspection of our inner self will reveal that you probably felt or still feel insecure or inadequate to get or gain what you outwardly desire!

The law of attraction works from deep within. Perhaps this is the reason why we are constantly told to clean up our thoughts, for they are the ones that trigger or metamorphose into actions.

 When our actions match our words, there can be no scope of being misinterpreted or misrepresented. 

Over time, when we prove ourselves to be reliable and responsible for our actions people learn to take us at face value.