Now, file complaint against child abuse online

Now, file complaint against child abuse online

Have you ever suppressed your indignation while being a mute witness to various types of abuses and harassment meted out to children? How many times each of us ignored our conscious for wanting to do anything against such inhuman treatment towards children, but did nothing for the fear of muddling with police and legal issues?

 If these are the hapless plight caught with each civilian of Mangalore till now, you can delete that mental trauma by logging on to and registering the complaint.

Thanks to the efforts of the students at NITK Surathkal, who under the aegis of NITK IEEE (Institute of electrical and electronic engineers) made the website a reality to help eradicating the evil of child abuse. It all happened due to real life incidents. Many a times, third year Mechanical engineering student Dhruv Chand and his friends, while at restaurants noticed children working at odd hours.

The poignant picture of a 14 year old boy cleaning the tables around midnight began to haunt their conscience. All friends put their heads together to come up with an idea.

"Everyone wants to save that child but none wished to get enmeshed in police and legal hassles. So, we thought over a less complex solution to bring the particular instance before the officials concerned, so that they can follow-up the cases," said Dhruv Chand to Deccan Herald.

The group started working since last children's day--November 14--and came up with the project, jagriti. When contacted with district child welfare committee (CWC), students received exhilarating response and there was no looking back. If any one come across with any instance of child abuse, visit the site and register a complaint. The name of the complainant, the location of the abuse taken place and the type of abuse etc should be given.

 The complainant's name will be protected and if needed, he or she can give e-mail ID too. Under the section of type of abuse, there are various categories like child labour, child sexual abuse, child emotional abuse, child marriage, child trafficking etc. Dhruv, the leader of the team said that they will have an initial inquiry system to verify the authenticity of the complaint following which the complaint will be handed over to CWC. Sahana VP, Karthik Bhat, Sriram Rao, Monica Rao, Manasa Sreekesh and Shivani Parikh comprise the group who realised the project.

Mobile app also

The same facility could be downloaded soon as an app in smart phones. The child abuse instance can be clicked and image could be uploaded. The app in Android system is pending approval and once it gets approval, it can be downloaded.

Later, the same will be available in Windows 4 and IOS operating systems.