Mooting at its best

Mooting at its best

Real instances

Mooting at its best

The CMR Law School’s biennial three-day national moot court competition, ended on a high note with the best from the legal fraternity addressing the students. The topic chosen for this year’s moot court competition was based on advertising and advertising policies.

The students had to use real instances and build cases from them. The event brought together the best brains from the legal fraternity and attracted a large number of students as well.

Addressing the students Justice Dilip B Bhosale, Judge, High Court of Karnataka said, “Of late, there are plenty of career opportunities for the students of law. It is not necessary that they have to follow the conventional practice method by visiting courts. In our country, non-litigation practice is on the rise.” 

Dr Sabitha Ramamurthy, president, CMR Jnanadhara Trust, observed that every student who participated in the competition had to work very hard. “We saw litigation at its best. The students came up with real instances and real cases.They all had to present papers that were based on thorough research. The judges were impressed with the way the students presented their papers,” said Sabitha.

She felt moot-court competitions were growing by the year and the next edition would witness even greater participation.

The students were thrilled that their hard work had paid off. Winning was secondary, what mattered was the experience and exposure they gained from it.

Sunitha Murthy, a student of the Government Law College, said, “It was theory translated into practice. We got to apply what we are taught in our classrooms. And the arguments had to be perfect, since we were presenting them before a jury that is well-informed about the facts.”

Subash, a student of CMR Law College, said, “We look forward to this competition every year. The judges really grill us and this gives us an exposure of the real world.” 

The winners were Anushka Jain and Indra Prateek Naidu from Amity law School, New Delhi. The runners-up were Ishan Shivkumar, Ahaan Mohan and Kaavya S from NUJS.

The ‘Best Memorial Award’ was bagged by Army Institute of Law, Chandigarh. Andrew Chakrabarty from the School of Law, Christ University was judged ‘Best Mooter’.