'I am happy with the work'

'I am happy with the work'

Perfect balance

'I am happy with the work'

Actress Parul Yadav is still basking in the success of Shivajinagara where she did some extraordinary things including riding a bike and doing stunts astride a horse. She says she could pull off things that she had never dreamt of doing, thanks to the role and the director’s faith in her. 

Parul is still getting calls from people, including actress Malashree, who said that she absolutely loved her role in the movie.

   “The role and the movie gave me a chance to prove myself as an actor. I spent a considerable amount of time just studying the character and perfecting the expressions,” says Parul.

Parul played a Brahmin girl and appeared in a half-sari in most of the film.
“The character was very bubbly and I am sure every girl will be able to relate to this role. There’s a good balance between modernity and tradition,” explains
Parul, who had been asked to approach the whole concept of love in an innovative way in the film. She feels that the movie gave her a chance to hold modernity and tradition in a perfect balance.

She feels that the success of a film is based on how receptive the audience is
to the subject. “I noticed a lot of men and spotted only a handful of women in the
theatres. I think more women should come, watch and promote women-centric films. Also, men still prefer to watch women play traditional roles. I think they must break-free from that mindset,” stresses Parul.

The movie gave her the chance to do more than just stand there and look pretty. “Things are changing and weightage is being given to heroines and their talent. Bold roles like that of Vidya Balan in Kahaani and ‘The Dirty Picture’ gave a fresh perspective to women in films,” she adds.  

Parul may have had only one release in a year but she’s not complaining. “I am finicky when it comes to choosing the projects. I can’t do too many projects at a time. I want to work in one film and be remembered for my performance,” she notes.

Parul is content acting in Kannada films and doesn’t want to explore the other language industries just yet. “I’ve got so much love and appreciation from the people here and am happy with the work,”
she signs off.