Assets have swollen since last poll

Assets have swollen since last poll

While filing nomination papers, Congress Lok Sabha candidates Mahabal Mishra, Ajay Maken and BJP candidate Harsh Vardhan, among others, have shown a jump in assets since their last electoral outing.

In some cases, the net worth of the candidates and their spouses has gone up due to appreciation of property prices. In Mishra’s case, the value of assets has more than doubled.

Ajay Maken, Congress candidate from New Delhi, has assets worth Rs 6 crore, including that of his wife and children. In 2009, Maken and his wife’s assets stood at over Rs 4 crore.

The affidavit filed by Maken on Friday showed that his wife now owns jewellery worth Rs 9.7 lakh, including diamonds worth Rs 2 lakh.

Mahabal Mishra, Congress candidate from West Delhi, and his wife’s assets have swollen to Rs 37 crore compared to less than half of this in 2009.

The class 12 studied politician has shown his occupation as ‘business and politics’ and owns a 2009 model Pajero SUV bought for Rs 21 lakh. He also has three pending court cases.

Sandeep Dikshit, another Congress candidate who filed his nomination from East Delhi, has a gross liability of Rs 38 lakh. His immovable assets are worth Rs 4.8 crore, which includes five acres of agricultural land near Bhopal in his name.

His spouse Mona has gold, silver, diamond and pearls worth over Rs 30 lakh. His daughter Yamini has Rs 2,000 cash in hand.

BJP Chandni Chowk candidate Harsh Vardhan, who is a practising doctor and an MLA, has clinic assets worth Rs 10,775. He and his wife have assets worth over Rs 12 crore. His wife owns gold jewellery worth Rs 4.69 lakh. He owns two cars – Maruti Zen Estilo and Toyota Liva.

Mahabal Mishra’s competitor from Aam Aadmi Party, Jarnail Singh, who is a former journalist, has movable assets worth Rs 18 lakh in his and his wife’s names. Their immovable assets are worth Rs 98 lakh.

AAP candidate from Chandni Chowk Ashutosh has shown annual taxable income of Rs 54 lakh in his return for 2012-13. He and his wife’s assets stand at over Rs 8 crore.

She now has movable assets of Rs 1.63 lakh compared to Rs 51,150 in December 2013. Her liabilities continue to be more than her assets at Rs 2.30 lakh.