Hard work reaps benefits

Hard work reaps benefits


Kalaavaibhava 14’, the inter-college cultural fest, organised by the students of Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, drew students from all across the City. 

The two-day fest saw a host of events. The highlight was a performance by the stand-up comedy group ‘Improv’ and the ‘DJ Nite’.

Fashion show, ‘Battle of the Bands’, ‘Mad Ads’, cultural events like group and solo dance, vocal and instrumental solo and creative events such as face-painting, sketching, collage and photography were part of the fest.

 Events like ‘Hogathon’, ‘Text Master’, ‘It’s Me’, mobile gaming championship, ‘The Amazing Race’ etc were quite popular. 

The students felt that the festival gave them a huge platform to showcase their talents and they ended up learning a lot. 

Rohit, one of the student coordinators, said that organising the fest taught him things that text books can’t.

“I am very happy that I got an opportunity to help out in the fest. I learnt key skills like communication and crisis management. We had a good crowd. Apart from the students of our college, there were also students from other colleges. While some came to have a good time, others participated. We worked hard to organise the fest and it’s very satisfying to know that people enjoyed it,” said Rohit.
 Students were seen having a good time and letting their hair down at the ‘DJ Nite’. They felt that all the hard work that was put in paid off.