Life is nightmare for tribals in Banavara

Life is nightmare for tribals in Banavara

Life is nightmare for tribals in Banavara

Tribal people at Banavara, situated 12 km from Somwarpet, are living in a pathetic condition. They lack clothing, water and live in ramshackle houses.

As many as 16 families have been residing in the colony without basic facilities, including drinking water. The Ganagur Gram Panchayat had constructed a water tank to supply drinking water to the residents on Banavara-Shanivarasanthe road. However, there is no water in the tank to supply to the colony residents.

The colony residents have to walk two kilometre to Siddalingapura to fetch a pot of water, said residents Veda and Gange. As a majority of the residents of the colony are illiterates, they do not have enough knowledge on their rights, said a tribal leader.

The huts that the tribals reside in are made of plastic sheets and dry grass. All the huts are in a deplorable condition and might collapse at any moment. Wild elephant menace is a threat to their life, he said.

Indira Awas, Basava Ambedkar Housing scheme and Ashraya schemes have not reached the tribals as they do not possess title deeds for the land in which they are residing.

Though the ITDP had installed eight solar lamps in the colony, except one, all are defunct now. Without electricity, the residents have to depend on kerosene lamp during the night, he added.

“Title deeds have not been issued to the tribals under the Forest Rights Act, 2006. We have appealed to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to issue title deeds to the residents.

However, our demands have remained unfulfilled,” said a resident. Raju, a resident, said: “We have been living in a pathetic condition, worse than animals. It is a Herculean task to spend a day during monsoon. The officials should extend help for us to lead us a dignified life."