Om Puri to play Kayani in a biopic on Malala

Om Puri to play Kayani in a biopic on Malala

Om Puri to play Kayani in a biopic on Malala

Bollywood actor Om Puri is set to play the role of former Pakistani Army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in a biopic on teenage rights activist Malala Yousafzai.

"I am playing Kayani in a biopic about Malala Yousafzai. I was impressed with his reaction to the incident," Puri, who was in Pakistan recently, said in an interview here.Puri said Kayani contributed a lot towards Malala, who is the youngest person in the world to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

"It is an ambitious project by a young filmmaker who thinks very clearly and knows what kind of films he wants to make. Malala may also make a guest appearance in the film," Puri said in an interview to Newsweek Pakistan.

The 64-year-old versatile actor also touched upon his controversial remarks that were made against Parliamentarians at Ramlila Maidan in 2011 for which he had apologised after been served a privilege notice by the Indian parliament.

"I saw he (Anna Hazare) had been fasting for weeks. I did not wish for him to get ill. Many people were supporting him. I went to Ramlila Maidan and voiced my views. I didn't say anything incorrect. I spoke about rampant corruption and uneducated politicians (in India). "Gawar" and "unpar" are not abuses.

"There are members in Parliament who have not gone to school; and even those who have a very limited (capacity for thought). Some of the politicians yelled and shouted, they threatened to jail me. But I was speaking about their greed and corruption. They bribe to get votes," Puri was quoted as saying by the Magazine.

Puri also said he has a longstanding association with Pakistan and Pakistanis.

"I have met Pakistani Muslims all over the world. We always meet with love, respect, and appreciation. People have stereotypes about Pakistan and they are not always correct. In any argument with India, I defend Pakistan. 

"When there is a bomb blast—even when the Taj attack (Mumbai, 2008) happened—I say, firstly, that this happens all over the world. And secondly, there are certain elements in Pakistan who are not in their control.

"Markets, homes, hospitals, Army barracks in Pakistan are being bombed. They are also struggling. It is very sad," he said.