The perfect shot

The perfect shot

Proud moment

The perfect shot
It’s a proud feat for the young and talented artistes of Centrestage as the movie that they passionately made for two years has hit the big screens and how! ‘Station’, a Hindi feature film completely shot in Bangalore, has been released at the PVR screens across eight metros and is getting rave reviews from cine-goers. 

In fact even before its release, it got appreciated by acclaimed film-makers like Ashutosh Gowariker and Girish Kasaravalli. 
The team behind the film speaks to Metrolife on its journey. 

Saad Khan, who founded Centrestage and has written and directed the film, always wanted to be a film-maker. 
“I used to direct plays when I was studying engineering too. I was a science student with a flair for arts,” he laughs. 
“Once, I thought what would happen if three people, who don’t like each other, are sent to do a job?” he recalls. 

And that’s how ‘Station’ came about, informs 
the young film-maker who assisted Ashutosh Gowariker on Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey and What’s You Raashee? 

Produced by Sumit Ghosh Media, the film is about three assassins, who are waiting to finish a job at the waiting room of a deserted railway station. 

“We shot at various places like Kammanahalli, Kalyan Nagar, Kalasipalya and Malleswaram,” recalls Maaz, who is Saad’s brother. 

Ask him which station the movie has been shot at and he laughs out loud, “For that, you have watch the film!” But he promises that ‘Station’ is visually stunning! 

Kanika Batra, who plays a prominent role in the film, is a lawyer by profession. 

“I have done theatre in Bangalore and also worked on Saad’s first musical ‘Let’s Talk About Love’. I was a part of Centrestage when it started and that’s how ‘Station’ 
happened,” she informs.

“I play a femme fatale. She is a simple girl and her character develops during the course of the movie. It is subtle and powerful at the same time,” she adds. 

Comparing theatre to films, she says, “Aspects of working on a film are easier. For instance, you get a second chance that you don’t get in theatre. However every shot in a movie needs to be perfect.”

Shooting fully at night, the young crew did face many a challenge. 
Says Kanika, “Shooting before the sun came up was really challenging. We all used to work towards a 5 am deadline.” 

However, Saad says that he loved the challenges. 
“What’s the fun without that?” he asks.

Once the movie was done, the team ensured that it left no stone unturned to promote it. 
“We have been relentless in our effort,” explains Maaz while Saad says, “We went to colleges and seminars talking about the film. In fact, I would announce in theatres when the trailer was shown that I was the director of the film!” 

One of the best moments, according to Saad, was when a staff at PVR stopped doing his work to watch the trailer of the film. 

“Now, I feel responsible for what I show to my audience. In fact, I’m very scared now that the expectations are so high,” he informs.
While Maaz feels that there is a lot of talent in Bangalore. 

“We love the 
City and its talent so why not create a platform for the people here,” he asks. 

So all you movie-buffs out there, head to the nearest PVR to catch this flick made by namma 

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