BJP to unveil 'charge sheet' against UPA

BJP to unveil 'charge sheet' against UPA

BJP to unveil 'charge sheet' against UPA

The BJP will unveil its ‘charge sheet’ against Congress-led UPA government on Friday, identifying at least 50 counts of omission and commission in different sectors to pin down the ruling dispensation.

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said that the BJP charge sheet against the UPA will be released on Friday and their manifesto will be made public on Monday.

The charge sheet, more than exposing corruption in the government, will put forth breaches of oath and promises Congress-led UPA made. It has been broadly classified the charge sheet under branches of ‘omission in office’ and ‘commission in office’ in different sectors such as infrastructure, defence and education, said a senior leader involved in the process of drafting charge sheet.

A sub-committee under Rajya Sabha deputy leader Ravi Shankar Prasad was constituted to prepare the charge sheet against the government.

The charge sheet will not spare the prime minister either, party leaders said, for undermining the authority of Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Singh, who has gone into hibernation and has not addressed rallies except one in North-East, is finding hard to defend himself against criticism coming from his own partymen.  The PMO was earlier criticised by the Supreme Court for failing to curb 2G scam.  

Apart from big ticket scams including 2G spectrum allotment, coalgate, CWG and copter purchase, some of the other topics to be scrutinised will be controversial CVC appointment and generating Aadhar card.

When asked what the novelty is in coming out with a charge sheet against UPA when corruption cases against them is already in public domain, a party leader said that the document goes beyond the routine to flesh out failures such as inability to protect integrity of the country and unfulfilled 29 promises made by Congress in its 2009 manifesto. Congress vice-president might have claimed during their launch of 2014 manifesto that they have delivered all the claims made but the BJP leader said that, for example, the government has not gone beyond erecting school under their much talked about achievement of Right to Education.    

Much of the content for the charge sheet BJP has got through crowd sourcing and other platforms of social media.