Modi likens UPA govt to computer virus

Modi likens UPA govt to computer virus

 In a well attended election rally at the Information Technology (IT) hub of Bommanahalli near Electronic City on Tuesday, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi likened the UPA government to a “computer virus” which had corrupted governance in the country.

“It does not matter how expensive the computer is, but once it is affected by the virus, it gets corrupted. The time has come to remove the virus and usher in good governance”, Modi said urging people to vote for the BJP.

Modi, in his 40-minute address, took constant pot shots at Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi calling him Shahazada (prince) and Sonia Gandhi seeking answers from them on the functioning of the UPA government during the last ten years.

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s recent claim that it was his father Rajiv Gandhi who ushered in the IT revolution in the country, Modi said, “Come on now Shahazade, stop it. At least speak something that is believable. It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee government that passed the first IT legislation in the country”. Modi added that during the NDA regime, the IT growth rate was 40 per cent and it had come down to nine per cent during the the UPA regime.

Modi, who spoke in Hindi, said it has become a habit of the Congress to “tell lies” to cover up the “corrupt” administration of the last 10 years. “Har haath pe loot, har honth pe joot”( On every hand there is corruption, on every lip there is lies) he said punning on Congress’ election slogan Har haath shakti, har haath tarakki (power in every hand, progress to everyone).

The Gujarat chief minister then took on Congress candidate for Bangalore South Nandan Nilekani seeking to know on what aadhar (basis) he was contesting the polls.
“The Congress has named a person with thousands of crores of assets as its candidate. But his project (Aadhar) resulted in thousands of crores going down the drain. The project was also admonished by the Supreme Court”, Modi said stating that he had repeatedly warned the UPA government that the project was a threat to national security.

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