A toast to the host

A toast to the host

Rock on

A toast to the host

Great planning, arranging, time management and money is involved. It is always better to plan the parties in such a manner that it brings happiness to the host as well as the guests.

Here are some tips.

*Firstly, clean your house well and remove all items which you do not want to be broken at the party.

*Rearrange your house and maintain ample space for people to walk about, dance and hang around.

*Make a separate section for dinner and a separate section for dancing.

*Arrange small tables with two or three chairs so that the guests can sit comfortably and have a nice conversation as they eat.

*Make sure that the music systems are working well and you have a good collection of songs on your playlist.

*Use ample lighting all over the house, especially in your garden, if you have one.  Also put up speakers all over the house so that the guests can listen to music from everywhere and they can remain in the mood of the party.

*Think of some kind of games, so that everyone gets involved and all your guests have a blast.

*Utilise all the area which you have at home like entrances, small verandah, walking path and so on.

*Plan the refreshments which you are going to serve.

*If you have ordered for food then see through that it arrives before the guests can come over and keep it ready.

*Once the party starts, spend time with your guests and don’t get holed up in the kitchen.

*If the party is theme based, put up posters with the name of the event.