Choices for a better life

Choices for a better life

Sporting Activities

With Bangalore being the IT hub and centre of many technical jobs,  people are confined to desk jobs. 

A lot of them have been taking up cycling, running or some kind of sport as a pastime.
There are also those who are into these activities on a full-time basis. 

These sports enthusiasts talk about how making such a choice has helped them.

Brojen Nongmaithem, a partner lab manager at Nokia Solutions and Networking, got into running three years back. 

“The stress at work and home was taking a toll on me and I needed to channelise it well. I knew that I had to make some time for myself as I was spending eight to 10 hours at work,” says Brojen. 
He adds that now, when he’s running, he listens to his breath and since he runs mostly in the mornings, he also listens to the birds chirping, which makes him feel at peace.
Others like Bobby Thomas, a capability development manager who has been running marathons for a while, says health was one reason why he developed this passion.

 “Work can often get crazy and running helped me revitalise myself. Now I’m able to call myself an athlete because I take this passion seriously,” says Bobby. 
He says running has also helped him build confidence. “Since I started taking part in different events in South India, it helped me network and meet new people. 

Also, when I run in the park, I feel encouraged when other runners greet and motivate me,” he says. 

Bobby, who has been running barefoot since two years, says that this has also helped him  connect with nature. 

There are others who have followed their passion full-time and feel utmost satisfied with their choice. 
“I was a workaholic and was doing great at work. Unwinding after work meant catching up with colleagues over drinks. Slowly, it got monotonous and despite living the ‘dream life’, I wanted something more. My friend signed me up for a marathon and then I got interested in training further,” says TimTim Sharma, a professional runner, who also runs a sports and fitness company. 

“I like committing myself to something entirely when I’m at it. I found myself researching and reading up more about  running. Running was a lifestyle change for me as I started feeling beautiful inside and outside,” she says. 

TimTim says that it is important to follow one’s gut feeling. She adds that she worked hard to get to where she is now. 
While many follow peers or trends and go running, hiking or climbing mountains, there are others who have changed their profession and followed their passion. 

Cyclist Sandeep VK Nair, who’s the team manager at Specialized Kynkyny Cycling Team, says that after six years in digital advertising, he realised there was no adrenaline rush. 

“The more I worked, the more frustrated I felt. And cycling was my avenue to burn it all. I didn’t take cycling up for just health reasons,” says Sandeep. 
He says that stress in life never ends but now, he’s able to handle things much better.
“I’m much calmer and I’m able to take things in the stride now,” he details 

Pavan Muthanna, another full-time cyclist who also runs a bicycle store, says that despite doing well at his job in sales and marketing industry, he had stopped having fun.
“I started asking myself many questions. So I followed my passion as I felt it was time to do something for myself,” he says adding, “This change has helped me to be more patient and accept that not everything is in my control.”

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