A battle of the bands

A battle of the bands

The grand finale of the regional round of ‘Hard Rock Rising-Battle of the Bands 2014’ was recently held at Hard Rock Café. After three Thursdays of letting the music of nine bands speak for them, the three qualifying bands who made it to this round battled it out for a chance to play in Rome – namely Hip-hop crew ‘Low Rhyderz’, rock ‘n roll band ‘White Mug’ and indie alternative rock band ‘Seed of Changes’. 

Following an intense showdown between each of the young, talented bands, ‘Seed of Changes’ emerged the overall winner. “Since ‘Low Rhyderz’ was a rap band, we thought we had more of a chance of winning against them but were worried about ‘White Mug’. However, we did win and it feels great to know that we’ll be representing Bangalore. We played four original compositions – ‘With You’, ‘Away From Me’, ‘Can or Cannot Be’ and ‘Brighter Day’ and the crowd was with us throughout,” said Prabigya, the band’s drummer. He added, “Hard Rock Café is a really big name in the music industry and having this as an annual event provides a great platform for local bands. We might not have got this chance otherwise!”

Matthew, frontman of ‘White Mug’, was disappointed with the results. “It wasn’t great for us because we played after a rap band and the mics got inter-changed, which took a while to fix. It was still fun for us on stage and the crowd really liked us and clapped after each song. But it’s disappointing because we felt we were really close to winning. More than Rome, winning this would have got our upcoming EP release a better reach across India,” he explained. 

The audience seemed to lap up each of the bands and was appreciative of the efforts made by the participants. “It was a perfect platform for musicians to have a fair and clear shot at being a part of something special in the independent Indian music scene. We are looking forward to more bands that can add to this great scene,” said Allan, who attended the event.  “At the end of the day, all three bands were more than enough to satisfy me. The competition was indeed a very good effort and delivered a great evening to most people who came for the gig,” opined Harsh, an audience member. 

‘Seed of Changes’, along with the finalists from the other HRC branches in India, will go on to compete at the global battle of the bands later this year. The overall winner of the competition will get a chance to perform at Hard Rock Live Rome this summer.