Thrilled by the unique rounds

Thrilled by the unique rounds

Thrilled by the unique rounds

The SJR College of Science, Arts and Commerce recently organised a management fest called ‘Padmavyuha Beau Ideal 2014’.

The fest gave students a chance to showcase their skills as well as have some fun. It included different competitions like ‘Best Manager’, ‘Human Resource’, ‘Finance’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Entrepreneur’, ‘Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Group Dance’.

Around 13 colleges like Surana College, Jain College, Seshadripuram College, KLE College and MLA College took part in the fest. Most of the competitions had different rounds to make them interesting and competitive. “Various rounds like aptitude, mock interview, finance quiz, VAT analysis, balance sheet analysis were included in the finance event to make it challenging,” said Divya G Karkoon, student co-ordinator of the event.

In the human resources event, there was three rounds — ‘mock test’, ‘company creation’ and ‘case study’ — where the participants were given a real situation to solve and the case study was that of the corporate sector. Jagadeesh E, a student from Surana Degree College who won the event, said, “The case study, which was held with role play, was very unique and different. Anyone who took part in this fest would proudly say that they benefited from the experience. Comparing to how we did our fest, this one excelled in many factors.”

The participants and coordinators were excited about the fest and the different events that were held as part of it. “The marketing competition saw many segments like ‘logo quiz’, ‘postal ad’, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘product launch’ and ‘product selling’, which saw an enthusiastic participation from the students,” said Venkatesh, student coordinator of the event.

Like in most management fests, the most notable competition here too was the best manager event which saw different rounds like aptitude test, ‘pick and speak’, ‘case study’ and the ‘stress interview’ round, which attracted many participants. Other events like the ‘entrepreneur’ event saw various rounds like ‘mind your own business’, ‘business deacons’, ‘mad ads’, ‘tongue twister’ and ‘I am for sale’.

 The most appealing event of the fest was the ‘treasure hunt’ wherein the participants had to rush to their destination to complete their task. “It was a very unique experience and there were nine clues for the event and these tasks were challenging,” said Suresh E, a BBM second-year student from Surana Degree College.

The events also included dance performances from various colleges. “The first prize was won by MLA College which showcased their patriotism through the dance they presented and it was well deserved,” said Madhu, student coordinator for the dance event.