Man butchers wife, suspects infidelity

Man butchers wife, suspects infidelity

Claims she had an affair with his friend

Suspecting his wife of being involved in an illicit affair with his friend, a 25-year-old man allegedly slit his wife’s throat in east Delhi’s Ghazipur on Sunday night. The accused has been arrested and charged with murder.

The couple, both natives of West Bengal and married for 12 years, was living in Mulla Colony in Ghazipur with their three children in a rented accommodation. The accused Dildar Hussain worked at a poultry unit in Ghazipur Murga Mandi.

At 11 pm on Sunday, police learnt that a woman was murdered in the area. They arrived and found the woman’s body, and Hussain was arrested from the spot.

Police said the accused confessed to the murder and claimed that his wife was involved in an illicit relationship with his friend, 26-year-old Asghar Ali. He claimed he came in contact with Asghar about a year ago as they both worked at the mandi. 

“Hussain said that Asghar became a regular visitor to his house and befriended his wife Zahida over a period of time. He claims to have seen Asghar and Zahida in a compromising position six months ago, which led to frequent fights between the husband and wife,” a police officer said.

Asghar and Zahida were allegedly seen in a compromising position again by Hussain after that. 

However, this time Asghar threatened to eliminate him. “Hussain had stopped Asghar from visiting his home already. He said he tried explaining to his wife, but to no avail as he would often watch her visit Asghar’s home located in the same colony,” the officer said.

Hussain returned from work on Sunday night and allegedly found his wife at Asghar’s home. “He asked Zahida to accompany him, but Asghar stood up for her and clashed with Hussain,” the officer added. Asghar allegedly also said that he “owned” Hussain’s wife and children.

Hussain left the place only to return armed with a knife used to cut chicken. “While Asghar managed to flee from the spot, Zahida’s throat was slit by the accused. She died on the spot,” the officer said.