I have performed direction

I have performed direction

I have performed direction

I can pretend to plan my future but I can’t decide my whole life in a day,” philosophises the versatile actor Vijay Raaz who has proved his mettle in the film industry with his acting.

On board as the director of the forthcoming film Kya Dilli Kya Lahore, the actor-director shares his views on his style of acting and choice of characters, in a candid chat with Metrolife.

It would be unjustified to say he was more adorable as Raghu (in the film Raghu Romeo) than the marigold-eating P.K. Dubey (in Monsoon Wedding). However, his endearing portrayal of Jaan Mohammad in Dedh Ishqiya receives most
applause in recent times.

“I never planned to be an actor. It just happened to me and without my knowledge when I was 19-years old,” Vijay tells Metrolife justifiably evoking more curiosity about his rendezvous with the profession. “I like to do anything that provides me enjoyment and, acting was one of them. It is just like how I could see the ball, even in dark, while playing cricket because I enjoyed the game. Though I don’t play anymore, but acting is still giving me that joy.”

As part of the dramatics society of Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, he got a chance to showcase his talent and later even performed in the NSD Repertory. “I did not think I would go to Bombay so early in life, but ultimately films are an extension of the work that we do in theatre and get recognised much more. To fulfill my desire to make my ‘identity’, I moved to Bombay,” Vijay recalls introspecting on his various on-screen characters which speak volumes about his unconventionality.

“I don’t look at my roles that way. One might call it a deliberate act to choose such unconventional characters but I am comfortable about it. Yes, I did enjoy doing them but once I have deliverered my part, my job is over. Its result is peripheral to me. Many films in which I thoroughly enjoyed my performance have not been released yet,” he avers, adding, he doesn’t have any “dream role” and was clear from the start about “not competing or proving to anyone. I am very easy with my life. Yes I am famous, but that doesn’t change anything in me! The only change has been is in the gaze of people who now see me in a different light.”

“I don’t live for acting. It is just one part of my life,” he reasons when asked on how he manages to remain grounded. “How people consider me as a good actor is still a puzzle for me,” he guffaws.

Laughing and enjoying his acts, he has made his transition from  actor to director which was also “enjoyable” for him. He maintains that he has “not directed the film but performed direction.”

“Whatever films on Partition I have seen till now, bear a certain bitterness. We have often created a counter to show that we are better than the other. But this film doesn’t take the side of any country,” he says in context to Kya Dilli... “There are things which are more important that being an Indian or Pakistani i.e. ‘humanity’ which you will see for yourself in the film.”