Priyanka Gandhi should have expressed regret earlier: BJP

Priyanka Gandhi should have expressed regret earlier: BJP

Priyanka Gandhi should have expressed regret earlier: BJP

With Priyanka Gandhi today saying she felt 'pained' at her husband Robert Vadra being targeted politically, BJP national treasurer Piyush Goyal said she should have been pained when "wrong-doings" were committed by her family members.

"It is natural that any one will feel sad if things are said about family. But for all of us who are in politics, it is our responsibility that if someone from our family commits any mistake we should stop it and feel pained when the mistake is being committed rather than allowing the wrong and then feel pained when it comes out in the open," Goyal told reporters here today.

Breaking her silence, Priyanka Gandhi said her husband Robert Vadra was being targeted for political reasons and asserted that the more her opponents attack, the more her resolve to fight back would increase.

Campaigning for her mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi Uttar Pradesh, she said that Vadra was being attacked by BJP to divert the attention of people from the development issues to "meaningless talk" and that the "truth" about her husband would prevail.

Invoking Indira Gandhi, Priyanka said she had learnt from her grandmother how to fight back as "truth is like a shield".

Goyal in response said, "They are entitled to strike back. But this is typical of the Congress party when they are losing the election."

It is the Congress which is diverting attention from the core issues of economic development and poverty, Goyal charged wondering what prevented it from striking back to address these issues.

He said that the mood of the nation was in favour of "Change".

"The mood of the nation is in favour of change and in favour of Narendra Modi. The people of this country want a change from disruptive politics, policy paralysis and economic stagnation," he said.