Now, you can use mobile on flights

Now, you can use mobile on flights

Now, you can use mobile on flights

Fliers can now use portable electronic devices (PEDs), including mobile phones, during any phase of the flight but on non-transmitting (flight) mode. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Wednesday amended rules allowing use of such devices on-flight.

The decision came a week after the DGCA held a meeting with scheduled operators who were pressing for change in rules.

The aviation regulator examined their demand in view of the current regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the US and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Under the FAA and the EASA regulations, the use of PEDs is allowed in airplane mode in all phases of flight.

“The use of PEDs shall be in the non-transmitting mode commonly called flight/airplane mode.

The amended CAR also directs all operators for reporting any suspected or confirmed PED interference or smoke or fire caused by PEDs to the DGCA. It also lays down the guidelines for the crew training,” said an official statement.  Setting the device in flight mode would mean that the device will not be in touch with a transmission tower like a mobile tower.

The latest move would put India in a select club of countries which allow the use of mobiles and other devices mid-air. In December, British Airways allowed the use of cell phones on flight mode. Some other European and American carriers have also brought in similar changes.

The fliers of low cost carriers will benefit the most as such flights do not provide in-flight entertainment.

They will get an opportunity to play video games, listen to music and watch pre-loaded movies. They could type e-mails but could send it only after the plane lands at an airport as there will be no connectivity.