Goel accuses Kalmadi of corruption

Goel accuses Kalmadi of corruption

Goel said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should intervene and save the country from losing face in front of the world.

Goel, an MP from the opposition BJP and also a former union sports minister, was expelled by the CGOC on charges of indiscipline after he organised a march on Sunday to protest the delay in completion of Games’ infrastructure and overshooting of the budget.

“I am aware that there is corruption and mismanagement involved in the project work related to CWG,” Goel told reporters.

“Kalmadi is a very short-tempered person. He was involved in fights with CGF president Mike Fennell and CEO Mike Hooper and wants to do things his way.”

He said that he would meet the Prime Minister and will ask him to release an official document about the delays in completion of project and budgetary misappropriations. “The Organising Committee was formed in February 2005 and since then there has been complete lack of planning.”