Always stay positive

Always stay positive

Always stay positive

Life’s journey might not be easy, but that does not mean it is not beautiful; you just need to want to see it, reckon Bharat & Shalan Savur     

When a yogi was dancing in a forest, he was asked why he was dancing all by himself. He said, “I am not by myself. All my friends are here—the trees, flowers, leaves...”
A positive attitude does that. It has the power to turn lonelinesss into solitude.   

A classmate I met after 30 years told me, “My life has not been an easy walk. I’ve had too many pebbles in my shoes.” What an expression... It’s true. Life’s journey might not be easy, but that does not mean it is not beautiful; you just need to want to see it.
To start with, check your temperament. It is very easy to fall prey to negative thoughts.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So never sit idle and brood over things you have no control over.

Don’t allow yourself to deteriorate into a fault-finding grouch. Cherish, preserve and enhance your cheerful side. You’re worth it; your loved ones are worth it. Read jokes, watch funny suff on TV, laugh with (not at) people. See the humorous side of all situations.

Forgive those who are always complaining and fretting – they truly don’t understand that they’re making themselves ill. Just don’t let their dissatisfaction get to you. If you cannot avoid them, don’t think or repeat what they moaned about. Forget it. Listen to some soothing music that can give you an instant pick-me-up. Sing along whole-heartedly until your very scalp tingles. Read something that fascinates you. What you do next is very important.

You need to carry this positive attitude in every relationship. Express yourself in loving tones to those you live with, to those you work with, to those you deal with.

Ms Honavar, who runs a beauty parlour, doesn’t turn a hair, whatever happens. One day she was bereft of staff. She did all the tasks single-handedly and still appeared calm, as if her parlour had 10 attentive helpers! When asked how she managed to remain unfazed, she said, “I decided long ago that whatever I do, I shall do happily.”

So the next time you realise you need to run an errand at 2.30 in the afternoon, don’t think “Oh no! I’m going to get burnt!” Instead, tell yourself, “It’s alright. I will carry an umbrella till the bus stop. Once I’m in the bus, it won’t be so bad,” or something to that effect.

With the right thoughts, it will be as if your mind has turned into an air-conditioner!