Experimenting with diverse designs

Experimenting with diverse designs

Making every woman look attractive

Experimenting with diverse designs

‘Kazo’ makes its clothes keeping in mind the changing tastes of the modern woman. The brand is known for its stylish designs, neat finish and the end product is always one-of-a-kind.

Kazo follows international trends rather closely and always manage to weave those trends into designs. Talking about how the brand has managed to stay ahead of its competitors in the international market, Deepak Agarwal, managing director, Kazo says, “We closely follow the international fashion runways. And what is in trend is a modern woman’s choice too.”

The latest Spring-Summer’14 range offers a delightful range of interesting new patterns as well as embellishments. The  clothing is sophisticated, classic and glamorous with a tribute to contemporary trends.

The designs emerge from bright colours such as poppy red, limeade, flamingo pink, dazzling blue, blazing yellow, green ash and neon pink just to mention a few. The brand has lavishly used fabrics such as heavy moss crepe, kamas georgette, butter georgette, chiffon, poly net and floral net. These are cool yet comfortable shades.

 The design team of the brand plays around with all kinds of colours and the most popular ones that they experiment with are shades like limeade, flamingo pink, dazzling blue, aqua sky and pink lemonade. Deepak says that the designs are on par with the European apparel market and he believes Indian women have taken a liking to the designs which are steeped in attractive patterns and embellishments. “We manage the wearability factor for Indian market,” he adds.

Deepak feels accessories are a great way to enhance the look of the garment. He thinks wearing the right jewellery and footwear lifts the ensemble depending on what look the wearer chooses. A simple dress can be made to look elegant with the right neckpiece and can be made more edgy with a pair of heels. “Designers work closely on the international trends and follow the fashion runways for the latest accessories. We ensure that our accessories coordinate well with the garments and are easy to pick by the customer,” he reasons.

Ask Deepak on how to dress well and appear attractive and he says, “Manage a perfect fit for your body and feel comfortable in it.”

Neema Thimmaiah

First- year Mass Communication, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan slipped into a dark coloured jumpsuit

Punchline: “The jumpsuit feels like my second skin and I am comfortable in it. It’s stylish, fits perfectly and does well to enhance the look of the wearer. You can even change the look of the garment by accessorising well.”

Price: Jumpsuit (Rs 2,990)
bag (Rs 2,990)
Earrings (Rs 1,090).

Nicole Padival:

First-year BCom, St Joseph’s College of Commerce wore an orange skirt and matched it with a black t-shirt.

Punchline: “The dress is stylish and funky. I love the way, I can play around with the accessories, to make the garment look more attractive. The contrast is striking.”

Price: Skirt (Rs 2,290),
t-shirt- (Rs 1,090)
bag (Rs 4,990).

Geetika Bindana

Third-year BA, Christ University picked up a bright green short dress.

Punchline: “The dress and the accessories together gives a funky, classy and an elegant look. The colour and the material is just perfect to beat the summer heat.”

Price: Dress (Rs 2,490),
Earrings (Rs 1,090)
bag (Rs 4,490).

Rhea S

First-year BCom, St Joseph’s College of Commerce wore a peach coloured short dress.

Punchline: “I like the way the dress fits and it has been cut to perfection. The colour is in keeping with the summer and the dress gets a funky look when accessorised with a heavy neckpiece.”

Price: Dress(Rs 2,990)
bag (Rs 4,990).


Second-year BSc, Army Institute of Fashion and Design wore a floral-based short dress.
Punchline: “The floral motifs are the most attractive part of the dress. The dress is colourful, playful and can be worn on a bright summer afternoon. The chunky accessories add to the charm of the dress.”

Dress (Rs 2,990)
necklace (Rs 1,090)
bracelet (Rs 1,090).


First- year Pharmacy, KIMS College, chose to wear a black and golden long dress.

Punchline: “The dress is just right for an evening out and the combination of gold makes it look elegant. The accessories go a long way in making the wearer look attractive.”


Dress (Rs 3,990)
necklace (Rs 1,390)
earrings (Rs 1,090)
bag (Rs 3,490).