'It is hard to stand your ground'

'It is hard to stand your ground'

'It is hard to stand your ground'

Actor Sudeep is not the one to let the actor in him be cowed down by the tried and tested formulae of the film land. He has gambled in every genre over the last couple of years — exploring, experimenting and exhausting every nuance of the characters he has essayed. Known to design his roles, he adds a tinge of glamour here and a touch of weirdness there to provide the subtle actor in him a wider canvas. You see all these traits in his latest directorial venture Maanikya which has hit the screens.

The actor recollects that he has spent long, tiring hours simply visualising the making of Maanikya and says that it has been worth every minute. “It has been a very tiring yet satisfying journey so far. There may be many people out there but I am sure I have chosen the right people to take the project forward. I am proud of everyone who has worked on this project,” Sudeep tells Metrolife.

Sudeep is known for his perfection and has been a task master who works to get the best out of people. “Yes, people may find my working style a bit tough but I don’t think anybody has gone through half of what I have while working on this project. I am the first to come on the sets and the last to leave,” he adds.

Sudeep’s character is a very strong one. He plays the role of a son who is called upon to follow the footsteps of a very principled father (played by V Ravichandran). “The mantra to love and get loved in return is what struck me the most. People must start practising that in their lives and they will see and feel the difference,” he shares.

Sudeep can never get tired sharing his experience of working with Ravichandran. He dubs his presence in the movie as a “magical feeling”. “He is someone who always has his hands full and is indeed a bundle of passion,” he adds.

About Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Sudeep says, “She is a simple person who is easy to be moulded into any character. I soon realised that I was dealing with a tomboy and there were times when I had to show her how to walk and do feminine actions and she would pick them up very fast,” he laughs.

Sudeep has always stood by his principles. He sums up saying, “It’s very easy to please people but it is hard to stand your ground and make people understand who you are and what you want. One must be true to oneself.”