'It was fun to gain weight for Revolver Rani '

'It was fun to gain weight for Revolver Rani '

Budding artiste

If it’s a Kangana Ranaut starrer film, it’s difficult to shift your attention to other characters.

 One such Kangana-centric film was Revolver Rani, the movie that saw its female protagonist roaming around with a pistol in her hand with some thayein thayein thayein (the accompanying music that added a defining touch to her character). 

But there are characters that create space for themselves even in a supporting role. While Piyush Mishra had a towering role as the lead’s scheming mama, there were supporting characters like the Hindi TV anchor, and the ‘two brothers’ in the enemy group who entertained the audience with their performances. Amongst this supporting cast was Preeti Sood as Gutki  who debuted and made a mark by assisting Kangana’s character in the 2014s black comedy Revolver Rani.  

Hailing from Kangana’s hometown Himachal Pradesh, Preeti Sood felt comfortable working with the current reigning queen of Bollywood.  “Travelling through Madhya Pradesh and later to Agra for the shoot at Taj Mahal, I got to accompany Kangana.

 She never makes you feel awkward being a senior actor. In fact, she guided me throughout, and I was lucky kyunki hum bahut gappein bhi maarte the,” said the cheerful actress. After having acted in a number of advertisements, it was the promotional music video of the Punjabi film Jatt & Juliet where Preeti was recognised for her appearance in a song. 

“After the way Kangana’s Queen was received, we knew we’d get a mixed reaction for Revolver Rani. Because everybody could relate to the Rani in Queen, but the Rani in Revolver Rani is not everyone’s cup of tea,” said the actress commenting upon thereactions the film has been receiving. 

Being an active theatre actor, she says, “When the makers asked me to put on weight, and look a little darker to fit the role of Gutki, I could understand that it was really required for the role. Anyway, it was fun to gain five kgs and eat whatever I always wanted to, for an opportunity of this sort.”

She particularly mentions an appreciation she received from Piyush Mishra, “I cannot stay in my vanity van, in between the shots. You will always find me observing other people’s takes. That is something Piyushji complimented me for. He found me genuinely observant.”

It was Gutki who cheats on Rani and leaks out one of her personal videos on television. This moment marks the turnaround in the movie as Rani kills Gutki and later goes on to become an emotional character from the gun-toting hoodlum she was. “If the story of Revolver Rani is ever revived in its sequel, I so wish that I could convince the makers to get me to play Gutki 2, perhaps as a twin sister of the Gutki who died in the first edition,” says the actress who feels emotionally attached  to her first role in a Bollywood film.