It's short and snappy!

It's short and snappy!

New Wave

In the selfie-obsessed world that we live in today, technology goes hand in hand with one’s daily life. Sharing random snippets in the form of photo messages is now a rage among youngsters thanks to an app called ‘Snapchat’, which allows users to send a controlled list of recipients funny, often random photographs of wherever they are. The ‘snaps’ last for a period of one to ten seconds before disappearing and being deleted from the app server. While some feel that it is an enjoyable distraction, others do it to unwind and have fun with friends. 

Blessing in disguise

Silvyn Sreeraj, second-year BCom, Baldwin Methodist College, says, “Snapchat is getting popular among different age groups and is one of the latest trends on campus. It makes it easier to communicate without having to type and it’s actually a blessing for lazy people like me. But I wish they made the images stay for longer than ten seconds because you can’t always read the text fully in that short a time.”

Doodling away

June Angeline, second-year BBM, Jyoti Nivas College, admits to ‘Snapchatting’ everything around her! “Not too many of my friends were on Snapchat when I started but I’ve convinced a lot of them to get it now. I love the fact that you get to draw funny doodles on yourself and send it to people. So far, I’ve tried making myself into a variety of things, ranging from a ninja to a belly dancer!” she jokes.
Picture perfect

Vijai Prerna, second-year BBM, Jyoti Nivas College, says that in the case of Snapchat, a picture really does speak a thousand words. “Snapchat is a cool way of having a conversation but it does become excessive at times. And it’s difficult to look good all the time for photographs, which is what happens when one gets addicted to the app. I like the duration that the snap is on screen because it’s safer than sending photographs that get downloaded on the phone,” she notes.
Artistic patterns 

Gaurav Venkatesh, second-year BSc, MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce, says that the app can be used in artistic ways too. “It’s better than the usual selfies because one can make all kinds of artistic patterns and add text to give the snap some character. The recent update of the app makes the text look much cooler and the video chat feature that has been added is amazing. I feel that the app will grow into one of the most used apps worldwide,” he opines.

Hooked on

Vanhmingliani Hnamte, third-year BA psychology, Jyoti Nivas College, says, “A friend introduced me to the app and I was hooked from the start. It’s a fun way of catching lies because even if a person claims to be in one place, you can see the background and gauge where he or she is. It isn’t as popular as it should be but I like having just a few friends on it rather than everyone I know. I also enjoy taking screenshots of what friends send me, and they immediately find out about it and it makes for awkward situations!” 

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