Little things that matter

Little things that matter

Experimenting with fashion comes naturally to women. But men - at least most of them - choose to play it safe.

 While not every man can pull off a Javed Jaffrey with ear studs, or an Amitabh Bachchan with a cool hair band, they can definitely experiment with their wardrobe basics in small ways.

For men, fashion is, essentially, in the details. So, a pair of cufflinks and necktie pins would do you good. They don’t just make you look prim and proper; they make others think you’re a man who cares for details, and that works both, professionally and with the ladies! These accessories infuse a cocktail of grace and sophistication in your image. Even the seemingly insignificant things, like a set of spotless men’s hankies, can be bracketed under the must-have category. For, when you pull out a grubby hanky to wipe your perspiring forehead, it can totally destroy your immaculate dressing sense! 

Here’s looking at some of the absolute essentials for ‘his’ wardrobe:

Talking feet

To start with, a pair of nice branded shoes (apart from your sneakers and ones meant for regular use) is a cardinal necessity for a man’s wardobe. Classy shoes really make a huge difference, because it’s your feet that make an entrance before you do. So make sure you walk in style. Basic blacks and tans are must-haves, but do try the new beiges; they are unique and go with most attires. Also, a pair of mojris are essential, because you don’t want to break the look by wearing dull hawaii chappals or shoes with a sherwani!

Beyond shoes

While we are on the matter of shoes, we might as well discus the next most staple item - socks. Believe it or not, socks do matter, because they really don’t hide under your trousers all the time. 

Whenever you sit cross-legged or stretch your legs forward, your trousers hike-up, and your socks are revealed. Now just imagine your embarrassment if you are wearing unmatched or dirty socks... No, it’s best you have a sizeable number of pairs for every kind of occasion. Pick dark colours, as they don’t get dirty too soon.   

Keeping time

While it may seem like a no-brainer, most men do not have a metal strap watch for special occasions and a leather strap one for regular wear. There are several high-end and swanky digital and analog watches in the market. Go on and buy yourself a classy metal strap watch that can make a statement at your formal meetings and parties, and another decent leather strap watch for casual wear. 

Money matters 

Naturally, even your wallet has a say in your look. Black, brown and grey colours are your safest bets. But if you don’t mind something a little different, why not try a jeans-textured wallet? But, of course, it’s best used only with casuals; stick to dark leather wallets for formal attires.

And more

Another must-have accessory is shades. Sunglasses not only mask the eye circles and pouches, but also make you look hip and young! While jewellery might not really be your thing, a plain gold ring or a platinum band would look great on just about any man’s fingers. Even the little things like fag lighters, key chains, perfumes and after-shaves matter a lot. Also, ensure you strap on a decent leather belt and you’re good to go. 
Now, if you’re the outdoorsy type, you might want to stock up your wardobe with some good stoles and jeans jackets. So when you rev your bike, the girl across the street won’t admire just your bike; if you know what I mean...

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