Optimistic about the future

Optimistic about the future

Powerful roles

National-Award-winning actress Seema Biswas feels that the industry is gradually changing and actresses above 30 are being offered better roles.

 However, the versatile actress, 49, who has been in the industry for over 20 years, feels that in India, an actress receives plenty of mother’s roles after crossing 30.

“I feel like a much more mature actor with a range of roles and performances that I did. But if in India you are older, as a female actor,  and you begin worrying. You begin to get only mother’s roles,” Biswas told PTI.

“But recently, we have seen different realistic stories. I am not worried but hopeful that different films will come my way. As an actor, I don’t have too many worries as I keep myself busy with theatre projects also,” she adds.

She thinks that she has learnt a great deal from her experiences.

“I have learnt from watching my own performances. I continue to change and improve as an actor to achieve good quality acting. I also learn from my co-actors and their freshness and spontaneity are inspiring,” she says.

Though she has delivered memorable performances in various films, one film of hers which no one can forget is Bandit Queen. 

Despite doing several strong roles, people still remember her as Bandit Queen and Seema is fine with it and feels proud of it.

“I feel proud of the role... that role will always be with me. It was the first film which at that time was ahead of its time. For me, it was my first and last film but then I got many more offers after the industry saw my performance,” she adds.