Great food, great company, ambience

Great food, great company, ambience

Food review

Although its name gives a feeling as though we are entering some vast multi-national establishment, The Wine Company (TWC) is actually a wine bistro located at the DLF Cyber Hub, a must visit destination in Gurgaon for foodies.

Its interiors are eye-catching – wine barrels are kept near the entrance to welcome you making you fall in love with the designer and curvacious bottles. Numerous shelves offering the best of bubbly and other varieties of alcohol, the hit number Uptown Girl, by popular band Westlife, playing in the
background, complete the ambience.

A wine shop within the restaurant could be a first in the City’s restaurant but that is not the only USP of TWC. The restaurant offers fabulous Continental and European cuisine – pizzas, pastas, steaks, hotdogs, burgers, fishes, meats-- you name it they have it! Metrolife chose to order Grilled Honey Sesame Chicken Salad with Corn and Assorted Greens from the salad menu. A regular dish, it did not have much to offer but is the ideal dish for those who are on a strict diet!

Among the appetisers Broccoli in Chilli Lemon Sauce was very well cooked and went really well with the lime-lemony flavour. In the non-veg section Char Grilled Prawns in Ginger Garlic Marinade is a must try! Every juicy bite will give you the distinct flavour of prawns along with butter and will leave you asking for more. But, Skewered Chicken Olive Tapenade was dry with no value addition of flavours.

Although, Metrolife gave a miss to the regular burgers, what came as a surprise was the delicious pizza Creamy Spinach Tossed Rucola Scarmoza and Parmigiano drizzled with olive oil. This thin crust pizza is a must try for all – vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The spinach went really well with the Parmesan cheese, melting inside the mouth instantly. For non-vegetarians, Grilled Chicken Sour Cream Tomato Mushroom Onion pizza is a good option – light and tasty.

For those who like their beef, this Company has really little to offer. The Spaghetti and Meat Balls dish in the pasta and risotto section can easily be given a miss. The beef balls were bland and dry. The dish is  paatable only because of the spaghetti which was cooked well with red sauce.

In the mains, Pan Seared Vietnamese Basa with Balsamic Saute Veggies in Lime Butter is a healthy option. Served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies like brocolli and zucchini, the fish was very well cooked and tasted well with the butter and lime. In the same section, digging into the mouth-watering Char Grilled Tiger Prawns Rubbed with Basil can leave you asking for more!

In the dessert section, Chocolate Whisky Mousse was a sinful delight, a dessert to die for! Best, it had the perfect dash of alcohol and chocolate – a deadly combination. Overall a great gourmet experience.