Broadening the horizons

Broadening the horizons

Broadening the horizons

A not-for-profit organisation, the Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales (AIESEC), is the world’s largest student run organisation and is present in 124 countries.

It has a chapter in Bangalore as well which consists of students from different colleges .

The organisation mainly provides internship opportunities to young individuals abroad.

Some of the countries include Egypt, China, Taiwan, Italy and Russia. AIESEC Bangalore has sent 100 people abroad in the last one year itself and brought 400 interns to the City.

It also facilitates the needs of interns from other countries who have chosen Bangalore for their internship.

Ankith Abraham, the local committee president of AIESEC, believes that the organisation brings change indirectly by impacting the individuals and the youth who impact our society directly.

Saman from CMRIT has been part of the AIESEC for two years now. He says, “AIESEC has widened my horizon and helps me learn new things outside the classroom. I believe we learn the most when we travel and my ambition now is to travel the world. Thanks to AIESEC, I have friends worldwide.

On being asked about his interaction with the interns from other countries, Swaroop from Oxford College says, “Last year, I received an intern from Sweden and on her first day in Bangalore, she lost her passport and visa. I helped her by tracking down the auto driver and lodging a complaint. We managed to find both and even today, we remain friends. This is just one of many experiences I’ve had.”

AIESEC also has other departments like marketing, finance, business development etc. The students are given a global exposure and a positive work atmosphere.

Amrutha, a student of Christ College, believes that the AIESEC has given her a platform to showcase her skills as a budding social entrepreneur.

She adds, “When I joined college, I lacked confidence. After being in the AIESEC for a year, I am capable of conducting events. It has also helped me network with established entrepreneurs. So I have a headstart over my peers.”

Its main aim is to create leaders, provide internship opportunities and a global learning environment to students. 

There is no stopping these students who have many goals in mind for the coming year as well.