Cops beaten in Adarsh Nagar

Cops beaten in Adarsh Nagar

Cops beaten in Adarsh Nagar

Three Delhi Police personnel were injured when they were beaten up by a group of 10-12 men in north-west Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar in the early hours of Monday. 

The assailants also opened fire, but the policemen were lucky to avoid gunshot wounds, police said.

The injured policemen have been identified as constables Amit, Dinesh and Rajender, who are posted with Adarsh Nagar police station. 

According to the police, the incident took place when the three constables were on duty and were manning a picket near Adarsh Nagar Metro station.

“Pickets had been set up across north-west Delhi police district due to an increase in vehicle theft and snatching cases. Vehicles are stopped for checking and questioning of drivers,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (North West) N Gnana Sambandan.

At 1 am, the constables stopped a Hyundai i20 car for checking. 

Three youths travelling in the car were questioned, but they failed to show any ID card. Soon, the youths started hurling abuses at the police team and then called their friends. Within 10 minutes, their friends also came to the spot on a moped, a motorcycle and a car. 

‘10-12 men’

“There were 10-12 men in the group carrying country-made pistols and revolvers. They opened fire at the police officers without any warning,” said a police officer. 

The policemen were not hit, but the assailants then attacked them with hockey sticks and baseball bats. It is also alleged that the accused tried to snatch Amit’s service pistol.
The attack came to an end only when it was noticed by another group of police officers who were on patrol in the area. “The police officers on patrol called for back up and interfered to help their colleagues,” the officer added. 

Most of the accused managed to flee, but the police managed to overpower four of them.  They have been identified as Anil Kumar, Arvind, Surender and Kamal. Most of the accused have criminal history.

A case, including charge of attempt to murder, has been registered with Adarsh Nagar police station. Amit and Dinesh were discharged from a local hospital after first-aid, while Rajender suffered critical injuries and was referred to Fortis Hospital.