Studying in india

Studying in india

Dear Sir

I will be completing my 12th std in science (PCMB) (CBSE Board) this year. I score quite well in all subjects and am good in languages.

I am interested in doing BA in psychology, journalism and English.

But I feel doing BA after will be a waste after taking up science in 11th and 12th. Is it so?

Can I I take up MSc in psychology after doing BA?

Or is it better to do BSc psychology and then MSc? Is there scope for this field? What are the job opportunities available?

Confused Student.

Dear Student,

Studying two years of science in +2 will never go a waste, as it will give you a wider understanding of the world around you. 

Now if you are genuinely interested in either psychology or journalism (you should choose which you prefer), then you can certainly take up BA with the combination you mentioned.

By itself BA will not make you a professional, but it will open doors for you to pursue your higher studies in either field through MSc.

Opportunities are good for those who wish to do something meaningful and are not looking for short-term financial returns.

There are very good courses available in Liberal Arts, Social Work, Human Settlements, Counselling, Human Resource Management (HRM), Corporate Communication, to name just a few.

Each one of them will get you good jobs. Look for a good college for your BA, and once you are half-way through your course start exploring all the options available based on a combination of your interest and aptitude.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in final semester B Com, Accounting and finance as my specialisation.

As I decided to take up ICWA after completion of degree, in mean time I thought of taking some diploma courses which are related to my specialisation.

Can you help me. Which specialisation is good in which university?

Suhas Saakre.

Dear Suhas

If you have made up your mind to take up ICWA, you could have enrolled for their foundation course after PUC and by now you would know whether the field suits you or not. 

Anyway, if your aim is clear, then instead of diluting your attention by taking up other diploma courses, it will be better if you start studying ICWA subjects and give it your full attention. 

As you know it is a highly competitive exam, and only those who prepare in advance and very systematically get through. 

Please note that the name of Cost and Works Accountants has changed to Cost and Management Accountants and the exam is conducted by the Institute of Cost Accountants (

Dear Sir,

I am a 2nd year PU student. I want to become a CA. I have enrolled for CPT.

I am confused about when I should attempt the  CPT exam.

I would like to know if I can take this exam in June, 2015 ie just after I finish my PU (March) or should I have to wait till the December of 2015. Please help.

Lalit Kumar Kandoi.

Dear Lalit,

It will be good if you could give a shot to CPT (Common Proficiency Test) conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants ( in June itself because even if you do not clear it, you will get an idea by your score whether you are CA material. 

If you have missed by a few marks, then you can put in greater efforts and succeed in December exam. 

However, if your marks are very low, continue with your degree that you choose in 2015 and explore other options in accountancy or finance fields.

Dear Sir,

I am a student of 4th sem BSc studying Chemistry, Zoology, and Biochemistry as main subjects.

My PU percentage is very low but my BSc percentage in of all 4 sems is 62 and I am interested in zoology and chemistry and I hail from poor economic background.

So please send me information about the job and higher education opportunities after my completion of BSc.

Mohammed Salauddin.

Dear Salauddin

The path you take should be determined not only by the subjects you like, but also by the type of career and jobs you feel you will enjoy and be good at. 

You need to differentiate between teaching, research, quality control, product development, forest service, animal welfare etc. 

Based on what you would like to be doing as a career you should select your post-graduate course. 

Since your percentage is going up, try and get into one of the premier science institutions for higher studies, like IISc, IITs, NITs, BITS etc. since fees will not be very high and you will be ensured a good job after post-graduation.

Dear Sir

I am a student of 2nd PU student. I had scored 81% aggregate in my SSLC examinations. As I preferred taking up English literature, I took up arts in the midst of all criticisms of my relatives and friends.

But, however on advise of my lecturers and parents, I have decided to concentrate on journalism, especially political, in future so that I can also give time for writing books and columns.

So, I request you to advise me and help me out in these issues as mentioned below.

1) Which are the top colleges I could try my hand into (in India),

2) Which is the best suitable course and what would be the aggregate marks I will need to score to get into the colleges?

3) Please do enlighten me about the competitive exams in regard of the same

4) Is there a possibility of studying abroad for post graduation.

Sharan K A

Dear Sharan,

It is good that you have the courage to select your own path despite criticism from others.

This quality of yours will ensure that you will keep progressing and make a good future for yourself.  Since you are going to be in the communication field, you will first need to do a BA with relevant subjects such as Mass Communication, Journalism, Visual Communication, Communicative English, etc. 

There are no ‘top’ colleges in this field, but most of the reputed colleges and universities offer fairly good academics. 

They have their own entrance exams.

You can go abroad for a Masters degree in a good university in countries like USA only if you have studied 16 years, i.e. 4 years of college education.

So you may have to do at least a one-year PG Diploma and apply for an MS in your field of choice.

Dr Ali Khwaja is the founder and chairman of Banjara Academy.

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