Pakistani refused entry after jail stint in India

Pakistani refused entry after jail stint in India

Idris, a resident of Karachi in Pakistan, now has been spending his days in India as an ‘alien’ at a guest house under police protection while his wife and four children await his return home. Idris originally hailed from Kanpur but had later migrated to Pakistan where he got married and setlled in Karachi.

According to police sources Idris, who had arrived in India ten years back to visit his ailing father, was arrested on charges of overstaying his visa and sent to jail. He was however exonerated of the charges and directed to leave for Pakistan. However the Pakistani authorities at the border refused him entry as his visa had expired.

“My life has become a hell...I am unwanted in India and cannot go to my home country as well”, Idris said as he awaits an emergency visa from the Pakistan High Commission so that he can cross the border and unite with his family.

Police officials said that Idris would be sent back to Pakistan as soon as he gets the emergency certificate from the Pak High Commission. “Till then he will have to live under police protection”, they said.

Some months back police in Uttar Pradesh’s predominantly Muslim districts of Meerut, Bulandshahar, Moradabad and Bijnore had apprehended several Muslim girls, who had become Pak citizens after being married to Pak nationals but found themselves left in the lurch after their husbands divorced them while they were visiting their parents in India.

“As their husbands divorced them, they could not go to Pakistan and at the same time they could not live in India as their visas had expired”, said a police official. “The police also finds itself helpless in such cases”, the official added.