Kitty parties now have a new venue

Kitty parties now have a new venue

Staying in shape (and no, round doesn’t count) is now a top priority on every homemaker’s list of to-dos. And they’ve devised a clever way to do this; they hit the gym, dance, do aerobics, or attend Zumba classes in groups, motivating each other to do better, finds out Monika Monalisa

Did you think stay-at-home women love to laze about in each other’s homes? Did you think kitty parties are all about ‘rather healthy’ aunties gathering and munching on fried foods, as they play cards?

Well, think again. These are new times, and the stay-at-home women have transformed their get-togethers from the lazy cat routines to stay-in-shape fitness mania sessions. 

Staying in shape (and no, round doesn’t count) is now a top priority on every homemaker’s list of to-dos. And they’ve all devised a clever way to do this; they now move it, and move it together.

These women now hit the gym, dance, do aerobics, or attend zumba classes in groups and motivate each other to continue and do better. Of course, hot male instructors do add to their motivation... 

Reema, a 32-year-old homemaker, who joined aerobics two months ago, says, “We get so busy in our daily routine of taking care of family that life becomes monotonous. With music and dance it’s like a party with friends.”

It isn’t just about fun, though. There seems to be a sense of comfort that comes with having a like-minded group. Archana, who recently moved to Bangalore, says, “It is sometimes not easy to gel with your neighbours or relatives. We might worry that they will get judgemental about us. But now I meet so many like-minded ladies during my fitness sessions, that I don’t feel any inhibitions. My Kannada, too, has improved a lot after interacting with them.” 

Many women tend to feel too self-conscious when it comes to certain physical activities. When such is the case, having someone in the same boat as they are, eases the experience for them. 

Jayanthi, a 49-year-old homemaker, says, “Earlier when I joined the classes, it was purely for fitness. But now, I feel happy to see new faces every day. We laugh at our goof-ups and don’t let anyone quit!”

It’s no surprise that when a bunch of ladies meet it’s mostly the gossip that takes priority. It sometimes gives instructors a hard time to manage the class, but they don't seem to mind, as their students’ spirits soar high. “It’s mayhem in the class when all these ladies get together. It’s sometimes easier to handle a bunch of children.

Sometimes it makes me feel like they are not here for aerobics, but for some kitty party,” says Raghu, fitness instructor and owner of Venus Fitness Studio in Bangalore. “But there has been an increase in the number of people joining the studio, thanks to these ladies," he admits.

When asked about the favourite workout of most of these ladies, Heena Khan, a zumba instructor, answers promptly, “Bollywood dance. I try and teach them Zumba, but these ladies start putting in their Bollywood moves, eventually turning it into a filmy number! But it’s okay. At the end of the day, what matters is that they enjoy what they do. That keeps them motivated.”

Newly married or married for decades, part of a childless couple or coping with two kids, this new breed of fitness conscious stay-at-home women make for a motley bunch. They hit the fitness centre as a group and make sure all of them stay in shape.

So kitty parties now have a new venue and a new avatar. Are you a bored homemaker? Just head to a fitness studio near you, and make friends with like-minded ladies who will make sure you sweat it out with them.

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