A canvas tinted with colours of life

A canvas tinted with colours of life

Art exhibition

In a one-of-a-kind event, which showcased the myriad facets of art, Bhiku Ram Jain Foundation in association with Art Mall, one of the largest art galleries in India, organised the exhibition ‘Colours of Life-14’.

The grand exhibition which was open to public till June 3 at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, had on display artworks of about 70 eminent and upcoming artists in the discipline of paintings, sculptures, graphics, drawings, photography and digital art, from across India.

The exhibition celebrated the colourful aspects of life through individualistic creation by the artists, bringing in hopes, aspirations, achievements and challenges, which were interpreted and executed by the artists in their own aesthetic way. The overall effect on the canvas showed the detailing and the thought process of every artist.

Sculptor Arun Pandit, one of the 70 artists of the exhibition, said, “I had three of my sculptures on display. One was named Mask Sellers. It was based on the people living in this society and their dual personalities. Aajkal log hote kuchh hain or dikhate kuchh hai. My second sculpture was Thinker. It showed how a builder is thinking to construct a building when there are space constraints in our city. And my third sculpture was Morning News.”

Talking about the current art scenario, Arun, said, “Awareness about art is very poor in our country. A very small percentage of people buy artworks after understanding them. Also, due to less space in homes, people largely buy only paintings and other items which they can hang on their walls.”

Another sculptor Asur Vedh, said, “I had three sculptures in the exhibition – Golden Chair, Joy of Life and Bull. The Golden Chair is part of my series which is based on the current political scenario, where everyone is fighting for that one chair. The Bull symbolises power and force, whereas Joy of Life is about a couple.”

The idea behind the exhibition was to bring together the largely untouched segment of genuine artworks before the art lovers of the City.