Mass exodus in Budaun after gang-rape

Mass exodus in Budaun after gang-rape

Mass exodus in Budaun after gang-rape

Fear seems to have gripped the people of the shaken Katra Sadatganj village in Budaun, which just over a week ago witnessed the brutal gang-rape and murder of two teenage cousin sisters.

Women, as well as the family of the rape victims, are prompted to leave the village since they no more feel safe there.

The victims’ family were reported to have received multiple threats from unidentified quarters for having pursued the case. They are said to be contemplating leaving the village despite the protection of police and repeated assurances from the state government.

The police has deployed armed guards at the family’s house to ensure their safety and the district administration has been trying to convince the family not to leave. According to reports, other women, too, have been leaving the “rape haunted” village.

It was reported that over a dozen women, who were married and lived elsewhere, arrived in the village prior to the incident to spend the summer vacation with their parents.

Upon their in-laws’ instance, however, these women decided to leave the village. These women would usually spend their vacations at their parental homes along with their children.

On May 27, the two cousin sistersleft their homes to relieve themselves after which they went missing. Their bodies were found hanging from a tree in a mango orchard outside the village the following morning.

Opposition parties slammed the ruling Samajwadi Party for its statements, which they said were likely to further encourage such incidents.