New-age bathrooms

New-age bathrooms

New-age bathrooms

If you are bored of the dull look of your bathroom, consider these simple ideas to give it that much-needed makeover,writes Sharmila Chand.

You are fed up of seeing your bathroom looking dilapidated.

But you don’t have enough time or the budget to do a full scale renovation. Let us look at some simple ways to get a whole new vibe with some easy to do makeover tricks.

Colour scheme

It’s amazing what a huge difference colour makes in a given space.

Begin by introducing a whole new look and feel into the bathroom with a changed colour palette.

For all bathroom essentials, try to choose colour combinations according to the season.

When the temperatures are high, pastel combinations add to the soothing charm while earthy colours in combination with reds and maroons look great in winters.

If your bathroom is not getting any natural light, you must go for yellows, mustard and oranges as they will warm and brighten up the whole space.

If your bathroom receives sharp and direct light from a window, then maybe the cool, refreshing feel of greens and blues is what you want.

Even soft, powdery blues are positively buoyant when paired with the calming white.

Replacing accessories

It’s time to retire the boring soap, tooth brush and toothpaste holders. Bring about a different set of towels and buckets and other utilitarian objects.

You must choose a totally different pattern and style so that you get a new feel altogether.

Try to look for things which you can bring in from other rooms in the house. For instance, you can add a couple of potted plants for some colour and freshness, candles or a nice tray to hold a few toiletries. Display bath salts, soaps, etc in pretty glassware.

Mirror frame

All said and done, mirror is the focal point of the bathroom. If you can’t change the mirror, just change its frame. Maybe the frame is spoiling the whole look of the space. So go for a more stylish, contemporary one.

Or a vintage finish as per the overall theme of the house. You will be surprised to see the difference it makes to the previous mirror.

It adds a fresh look to the bathroom in just a day.

Blinds or curtains

Once you have replaced the accessories, you must get a new set of blinds for windows and shower curtain in the bathroom.

Everything should be in sync as far as colour and design is concerned. This will give an overall classic and fresh look.

Hooked in

Never overlook the selection of hooks.

These simple pieces of hardware can make or break the look of the space.

If they are in different interesting patterns, they can further accentuate the overall theme.

Finish matters

Fixtures and fittings are a bathroom’s jewels.

They come in countless shapes, patterns and finishes to reflect various styles.

They are also an easy, economical and faster way to give the bathroom decor a facelift. Whether it’s a modern matte finish or classic chrome, choose a style that you like and the one that will integrate with your home decor.

Light fittings

Lighting technology has advanced tremendously.

There are limitless options. Look for beautiful lights that match the overall colour and theme of the bathroom. Well-planned bathroom lighting really makes a difference.

Vary lighting to create a bath that is bright and invigorating to start the day, and subdued and soothing at the day’s end. For flexibility, you can also install dimmer switches.

Selection of props

Reinforce your colour scheme by picking a few props from here and there.

Maybe coral stones you picked up during your trip somewhere can be placed near the bath tub and add to the blue-green theme.

Or even fresh rose buds add so much romance in an otherwise dull bathroom decor. Shell photographs and woven baskets add textural warmth and organic appeal.

It’s effortless, pocket-friendly and easy to mix up the palette and accessories with a new bouquet of flowers.

The makeover of bathrooms does not necessarily require a huge budget and a lot of time.

Rather, it calls for a weekend job for a right mix of colours, materials, lights and accessories.

Once you do that, you will create your own retreat to refresh your body and relax your spirit.

Corroded sanitary fittings can be changed to new fittings which can make a huge difference to the bathroom.

lGetting the floor tiles or marbles re-polished or thoroughly cleaned is a must for a fresh look.

lChange of old shower curtains to something colourful and the addition of new light fittings can bring about a drastic change.

Small mirrors or artworks on bare walls accentuate the look and feel.