Home sweet home

Home sweet home

One would agree with the famous opening lines of 150-year-old opera song “Home,Sweet Home” that says, “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

Truly, a home is considered to be the place of sanctuary for all its members, where the children feel free to express themselves, and are assured of peaceful and firm guidelines for their behaviour, growth and development.

A loving home accepts its members unconditionally and provides support to all the members in the daily activities with due care.

Very few of us might have ever heard about something significantly unique called “a sacred home”.

Yes! Such is the home imbibed in truth where there is no room for fear of punishment or ridicule that provides an ambience of peace and purity and transparency of mind facilitating a quite corner to remain within self in contemplation and devotion, as per convenience.

A sacred and disciplined home will appreciate the diversity within the household and allow for the independence and individual aspiration to unfold inner potential and power for better growth, whilst keeping the fabric of the household inline with the culture and heritage.

These kind of homes that place high value on quality of life for each member, and see that the well-being of each individual is central to the integrity of the household, will actively foster good feelings, happiness, security and love within society.

The people who run these homes will not feel themselves to be superior to other members of the family, instead they will have an attitude of spirituality, where each member is equally important.

In reality, it is these sort of homes that are likely to produce highly effective citizens, who are internally secure and would be able to rise above personal gratification in order to benefit the wider community.

They will seek to conciliate rather than confront and would have an attitude of caring and sharing towards everyone irrespective of their caste-creed or religion.

Just imagine, If every household becomes secure and free from violence, the world will then become a haven to live in, because it is on the basis of peace and purity within each household, that a world free from aggression will come about.

It’s not a matter of whether one lives in the east or west, because both sides of the world have their good points and their bad points.

Hence, it won’t help much if we make generalisations about different cultures, as the need of the hour is to make the best out of both the worlds, by taking the beauty and integrity from each system.

We might lose a bit of pride in this whole process, but we need to let go of the limited ego of “my culture is better than your’s” and finish the game of making life difficult for other cultures and minorities within our society by taking cue from the concept of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’.