Colourful melange of brushstrokes

Colourful melange of brushstrokes

Washed in grey hues, the image of a tram passing through a wide road amidst traffic and pouring rain in Kolkata, plays with the reflections of people, vehicles and buildings shining perpendicularly upside down in the frame.

Chandan Pramanik’s painting is as soothing to the eyes as the delicate spray of the early monsoon in the middle of scorching heat.

It was one of the marvels displayed as part of the exhibition of paintings created by artists
at Senior Artists Junior Artists Camps 2014 at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society.

As a part of the annual art camps, AIFACS invited 83 artists from Delhi and National Capital Region during March 2014.

This exhibition is a culmination of the efforts of those artists who acknowledged different thought processes, valuing the concept of generational gap between the senior and junior artists by learning from one another.

The confluence of artists at this art mela evoked their mutual interests towards the process of painting that an individual artist undertakes to give form to his paintings.

As in previous years, participants worked upon the 30x36 inch canvasses with a set of 12 acrylic colours. In his address, Paramjeet Singh, chairman of AIFACS,said, “Every participating artist has kept his individuality. Every work is original and reflects the style of an individual.”

The gallery bears testimony to this fact, as you walk from one end to another, and savour the myriad themes splashed across the frames.

What grabbed the attention at once were the frames where a long-haired diva holds a mike sitting against the blazing sun by Kailash Kumar; a simple visual capturing a stack of books on a slab with a mirror reflecting the outside blue sky by Digbijayee Khatua; and fine lines that sketched three bulls painted against a red backdrop by Priyendra Shukla.

Minutely observing the works in this exhibition, a viewer could see how reflections, single-hued frames, and bare minimum embellishments play as a recurring motif, lucidly trying to depict the meaning of a subject undertaken by the artist.