When big is not always better!

When big is not always better!

From the potted plants to the menu, everything just doesn’t appear bulging (after a pint) but is actually in the shape of beer barrels!

In the heart of Connaught Place, climb the long flight of stairs the motivational one-liners egging you forward and reach The Beer Cafe - BIGGIE to slake parched spirits with some chilled liquid.

This, however, was only a delicious dream!

For as Metrolife ventured inside, the ambience matched the scorching weather outside, thanks to the air conditioners which too seemed to have succumbed to the heat!

Nevertheless, the chilled Virgin Mojito with optimum flavour of mint and Apple Tice with less mint and more apple juice helped restore flagging spirits.

The generous portion of crushed ice in the drinks were more welcome than anything else!

To munch along with the drinks, the Masala Fries in starters and Caesar Salad turned out to be good choices.

Too much of salt and chilli on the crispy french fries makes one miss the cheesy dip but the same is fulfilled with oodles of cheese in salad.

The crunchy fresh lettuce, chunks of chicken and croutons are tossed in parmesan cheese to create a perfect snack for healthy chomping with drinks.

Soon the salad and fries are accompanied by other players – Chilly Garlic Prawns, Thai Chicken Tikka, American Grilled Chicken Skewers and Beer Battered Fish Fingers.

The table now appears ready for a match of flavours! 
While the juicy prawns in hot sauce score way too high on scoreboard, the mildly tangy chicken tikka loses out on numbers.

The chicken in skewers, though many in number, is fairly regular.

But it is the ordinary fish finger that plays extraordinarily well and wins appreciation on account of soft filling of fish inside crusts that have ample taste of beer.

Unlike most eateries in the Capital, the fish here doesn’t pop out from the centre, to cause embarrassment or arouse laughter.

As the intelligently placed television screens in an earthy environment show half-time, one samples the Biggie Sliders, Biggie Bruschetta Platter and Biggie Indian Kebab Platter.

Well, bigger isn’t always better! This is proved by the bruschetta prepared in tomato and mushroom dressing; the dish is a total spoiler as the base is soggy and topping is more on the sweet side.

The kebab platter with Paneer Tikka, Malai Mushroom, Dahi ke Kebab and Veg Sheekh is not at all recommended if you are at this place.

In short, besides the paneer, rest all appetisers are bland.

Even the sliders (small burgers) with vegetarian and chicken patty are not too great and easily make way for the mains.

In the crucial moments of the match post-break, the Black Pepper Chicken Steak, Spaghetti Bolognese and Thai Curry all perform well.

Though high in salt content, the piping hot Thai green curry with crisp vegetables gets a thumbs up from all.

The crushed oregano in spaghetti – cooked with red sauce, breaks the monotony in the mouth while the flavoursome black pepper in chicken steak leads the ‘mains’ team to a
glorious victory.