Thieves fed rosogollas

Thieves fed rosogollas

The two teenage thieves, Bablu Mistry and Tapas Das, had sneaked into Jayanta Gupta’s house by breaking open a rear window on Monday. Gupta was away in Kolkata where he works at the NSC Bose International Airport.

As the duo got busy picking up utensils, watches, clothes and electronic items from the house, their movements alerted neighbour Renuka Pal who was bathing in the pond in the rear of the house.

Pal gathered the villagers and caught the two thieves with the booty.
The villagers beat the two miscreants black and blue and tied them up before informing Gupta.

But the situation changed when Gupta rushed home from Kolkata on Monday evening.
“I felt very sympathetic to them because of their age. And they claimed that it was their first crime, which they had committed because they do not get two square meals a day,” Gupta said.

He untied the teenagers and treated them to sandesh, rosogolla, banana and bread before setting them free.
“But before that, I also told them about the perils of going the wrong way. They listened to me intently,” Jayanta Gupta said.