MLAs get trendier, embrace Modi fashion

Last Updated 23 June 2014, 19:21 IST

When it comes to the sartorial sense, Karnataka MLAs appear to have developed a liking for, well you guessed it, the Modi kurta pyjama and waistcoat.

Just as the extended budget session of the Legislative Assembly began on Monday, legislators of all ages were found sporting bright waistcoats. It’s another matter that their choice of apparel was no match to the brand popularised by the prime minister.

If truth be told, the MLAs are not exactly trying to be like Modi to make a style statement. In the past, they did regularly wear waistcoats over kurta pyjama. But on Monday, many of them chose to wear bright-coloured waistcoats.

Among the half-a-dozen MLAs who wore cotton or khadi waistcoats was N A Haris of the Congress. Unlike in the past, he chose to wear a bright blue khadi waistcoat.

“I bought this branded waistcoat in Delhi recently. I loved the colour. It goes well with white kurta and pyjama. Except during peak summer, I always enjoy wearing a waistcoat,” Haris beamed. “I have been recognised as the Best-Dressed MLA. I am certainly not imitating Modi.”

Law Minister T B Jayachandra wore a black waistcoat with a round collar which went with a white full-sleeve shirt, while C T Ravi of the BJP was in pista green cotton kurta and a matching waistcoat. The boss always loves wearing a cotton waistcoat, one of his assistants said.

Deputy Speaker Shivashankar Reddy was in a pale military green waistcoat, while Manjunath Gowda of the JD(S) sported a dark maroon red waistcoat to go with a black shirt. Arvind Bellad of the BJP preferred a dark grey waistcoat over a white kurta.
The brightly-lit Assembly hall only made the legislators look brighter.

‘Tainted’ MLAs attend

All the four MLAs, who have been in jail for their alleged involvement in illegal mining, attended the Legislative Assembly.

The BJP’s Anand Singh, T H Suresh Babu of the BSR Congress, and B Nagendra and Satish Sail, both Independent, were seen exchanging pleasantries with fellow MLAs. But none of them took part in the deliberations of the House. They stayed for a short while.
The CBI court has granted them special permission to attend the House.
It has directed them to stay at the Kumara Krupa government guesthouse as long as they attend the Assembly, but they are not permitted to meet anyone.
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(Published 23 June 2014, 19:21 IST)

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