BTC bats for renovating existing facilities

BTC bats for renovating existing facilities

Contrary to a few reports suggesting that the Bangalore Turf Club is keen on shifting base to Jakkur, its chairman Harimohan Naidu felt sprucing up the current facility is a more sensible option than splurging money on a new one.

“Why fix something when it’s not broken,” Naidu, speaking to Deccan Herald, said. “I happened to read in news reports that the government has shut down the Jakkur Flying School due to various reasons. Since the State Government is keen on us moving from the current facility, we felt it could be good alternative.

“But, what I don’t understand is why the government wants us to move from here. This place is over 100 years old and all the facilities have been built brick by brick for a century. The course is in the heart of the city, making it convenient for everybody. Logistically this is the best place to be.

“If one may recollect, the BS Yeddyurappa government was determined to get us shifted and even suggested Chikkajala and Doddajala as alternative venues. The matter is in fact before the court. During that time, a few environmentalists felt even if we made the move the current space should be maintained as forest area.
 Currently, the BTC is a massive lung space in the heart of the city and we only occupy 20 per cent of the entire area. So it makes sense for us to stay here as we cause no pollution.”

Naidu also felt financially it’s better to renovate the current facility. “Even if the government ends up giving us space in Jakkur, we would need Rs 300 crores to build a racing venue there. Currently we contribute over Rs 100 crores to the State exchequer. Yes, I agree, the current facilities are not the greatest in BTC but we’d rather spend about Rs 100 crores in making it world class rather than spend thrice the amount on something new. “The current confusion on whether we would stay or move is what is stopping us from renovating the current set-up. Once we get confirmation that this would be our home, then we can go big. When we are already contributing well to the exchequer and the facilities are good for everyone, why force us to move,” questioned Naidu.

“The BTC is a beautiful, compact race course situated at a very convenient place. There are a few shortcomings like limited stabling facilities and the galleries etc. But as I said, that can be taken care of. Staying is a better choice than moving.”